Working with Other Artists

Many times it pays for an artist to collaborate with others. Sometimes an artist will work with a buyer to create a piece for them. Sometimes, they will work with other artists to create something they could not do themselves. Making a set of beautiful pots may be something an artist does every day. Making a decorative holder out of iron takes an entirely different set of skills. Asking an artist who works with iron would be a great way to collaborate and create something new and different.

Sometimes artists will work with others who have the same set of skills they do, especially in clay. When this is done, it is because an artist wants another outlook from someone who knows what must be done to complete the creation. Working together, they may have the same skills, but each person will have a different outlook on the project. Creating pottery together in this way means different shapes, sizes and colors will all be up for discussion. An outsider’s field of vision will be different and therefore a combination between the two artists will be unique.

Artists with entirely different skills will generally work well together. When their skills do not overlap, they may still see things differently, but this only adds to the value of the creative process. An artist working with clay will see forms that can be made by hand or shaped on a wheel. A woodworking artist sees how pieces can be combined or whittled down to create the perfect form. Each artist has their own contribution to make to the project.

Creating together is not always easy in any format. Working with clay is generally an individual art form. Making a successful creation with another artist takes time, effort and understanding. Learning to see through another’s eyes and creative process takes energy. In the end, each person brings their creativity and skill set to the work. By combining talents and working together, artists are able to achieve new works that are a fusion of their talents. Doing this creates a whole new category of unique art pieces.