Learning to Share the Creative Process

The world of art is a lonely place for many of those who create it, but it is often their choice to work alone. Some of them believe their vision will be diminished or ruined by inviting others into their projects, and others have just never thought about combining their skills with another. It does not matter why they work alone, but making the choice to share their artistic world is one where they can benefit immensely. Opening up their studio to others is a way to share knowledge as well as enhance their own abilities.

Many successful artists take on apprentices in their field, but the students only work under their direct supervision. There is not even the appearance that the apprentice has a say in how a piece is created. They are there to learn from the master of their field, and their work is to finish the assigned piece as they are told. Learning from this is an important facet of sharing the creative process because it gives them insight into how the mind of the successful artist works.

When an art apprenticeship is over, many artists spend a number of years creating on their own. They might have a small studio or single room they use, and inviting others in while they work might cause crowding issues. Working alone helps them develop what they have learned, and their success will eventually give them an opportunity for a larger work space as well as the ability to attract their own apprentices.

Sharing the creative process with others is not always easy, but it is a technique that has been handed down in the art world for centuries in the apprenticeship system. Some of the modern artists have chosen to skip this system, and they are the ones who offer formal classes for any student who wishes to learn. Sharing their skills as well as teaching students how to create is what gives them the greatest enjoyment.