Creating with a Team

Modern office buildings are designed and built for companies who want their workers and customers to enjoy doing business, and interior designers have the task of making these buildings a welcome place to be. While the designers generally have an art background, they are not always accomplished artists, and they must find a team of artists to help them complete their task. It takes a designer with vision to come up with the broad outlines, and they must put their ego aside to hire those who can complete their work.

Large pottery and ceramic pieces have become part of the design of many modern buildings, and artists who make them must be able to work with a designer. Shape and size are just two facets of what is needed, and color is often the most important element. An artist who creates with clay must understand how the piece will function with all the other elements of the room, and the color of the finished product must match the vision the designer has seen.

While many people think of pottery as simply tossing clay onto a wheel, the finishing elements are actually more important than the original clay piece. Washes, tints and finishes are all part of how the object will be perceived. Finding just the right color for a finished clay piece will make it stand out without overpowering other design elements. This is the goal of the pottery artist who works as part of a building design team.

Not all pottery pieces will work well in office buildings, but designers have recognized their importance in areas that have previously been left bare. Potted plants were often used in the past, but modern pottery pieces have the advantage of needing little maintenance and no watering. This is the reason they are becoming more popular with designers as well as those who inhabit these modern buildings.