Everyday Collaborative Art

Few people think of themselves as artists, but many of them have worked with artists since childhood. Coloring books have pictures already drawn, and it is the task of the child to fill the pages with color inside the lines. The drawn part of the book was created by an artist, and the child collaborates by finishing their project when they color the page. This is just one example of collaborative art in everyday life.

Many adults do not have the time, training or inclination to create their own art pieces. Some of them like to color or paint, and professional artists are hired to help them develop their skills with projects. Adult coloring books have become a sought after item in many hobby shops, and there seems to be no end in sight to this new trend.

Oil paintings are beautiful, but adults may not have the creative talent or time to invest in learning how to paint masterpieces. They can pick up an oil painting kit at the store, and they need only fill in the sections according to the directions. This is another example of everyday art that was designed by a professional artist but left unfinished. When the painting is completed, it is actually a collaborative effort between two people. The artist received compensation for their work, and the hobbyist has their own painting to keep or give as a gift.

There are many areas of art where people without training complete works of art that were originally designed by artists, and ceramic figurine and pottery painting are two more. Ceramic figurines are generally made with molds created by artists, and pottery pieces can be molded or hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel. Either way, an artist creates the form and the hobbyist completes it by adding their choice of colors and glazes before the final firing.